"This Year, She Celebrates Over 10 Years in Business as a Women-Entrepreneur. It Hasn't Always Been Easy, But it Continues to Bring Her Great Joy and Satisfaction."

 After 17 years in the financial services industry, and a single mother of two children, she decided that starting her own business was the only way she could spend more time with her family and secure a financial future for them. 

As a single mother of two children, securing her future for her kids meant a lot to her.

In 2007, she chose a path to join the Pool and Spa Industry.  As a Women Entrepreneur, working in a heavily male-dominated industry, it can be extremely difficult to excel but her devoted hard work earned her a great reputation between her distributors, and other service companies. Her confidence, and strong work ethic was the key to starting a new business. 

The idea came from working besides her dad on their family pool at an early age and visiting a local pool store to get their water tested on the weekends. She wanted to open a retail store similar to the one that she had experienced growing up with. When she realized owning a pool herself, and traveling to get supplies, she asked herself why not open one in a local neighborhood similar to the one she grew up around her entire life. Building the business from the ground up in 2008, her first pool store was established. She immersed herself in learning everything that she could about water chemistry, pool equipment, and maintenance so she could feel comfortable talking to pool owners and answering questions. Devoting long hours during the first few years while raising two kids was very difficult for her and her family. Managing the retail store and a service department was equally challenging. But her passion for the business was worth it.

After 10 years with the Pool Industry, she still challenges herself to create a larger  scale of creativity every year. Every challenge she's faced with now, becomes a greater experience of learning her true power. After creating a successful store, she sold to create a new concept in the pool business which led her to open in Marlboro, NJ. The environment in her retail store inspires her customers to feel welcomed and gives them a sense that someone does care about their pool and wants to help.       

Her store provides leading brands, quality chemicals, in-store water analysis and the newest products of the year. 

 The Pool Shop won first place in the country for the best Pentair Dealer in "Retail Display Case on Energy Efficient Products". She is a member of The Northeast Spa & Pool Association and The Association of Pool & Spa Association since 2008. She contributes to many organizations in the surrounding areas. She participates giving back to homeowners of Marlboro Township.

 She Truly Understands The Importance of Honesty and Integrity in Business

From this, The Pool Shop has been born

A Women-Owned Company  Nevin F.

NJ Home Improvement License Cert.# 13VH08947500





All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work and potholes at some point. But those difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Dream big, stay focused, don't be greedy and surround yourself with good people. Know the value of your strength and you'll become a very determined person. Success is what happens after you have survived all your mistakes.

" Behind every  successful women is HERSELF "



Weekly Services

Specializing in the care and maintenance of beautiful pools in the Marlboro, Manalapan and surrounding areas.

We can customize any service and schedule, to fit your needs. Please contact us for a one on one appointment.

Routine Equipment Maintenance

Full maintenance packages on filters cleanings, pump tune-ups & salt cell cleanings. 

Specials offers available during the season.

Pool Openings/Closings Services

We offer a few different pool opening and closing packages that fit your pools needs.  

All packages include high quality opening & closing kits, and any additional services you may need. We like to keep it simple for you and provide your pool what it needs without the extra charge.

Pool Repairs

Full pool repair services including filters, heaters, lights, pumps, plumbing & more

NJ Home Improvement Lic# 13VH08947500

Equipment Upgrades

At The Pool Shop, we believe in using the most trusted brands in the Pool Industry. Stop by our retail store and see the leading brands on display.

Winter Watch Services

Protecting your investment during the winter months is our priority. Contact us for additional information.

Proud Member since 2008




Tony C.

 "I became a new customer this year and I'm so pleased to find this store. I haven't had great experiences with other stores recently. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The owner is a gem. She got my pool clear in less than a week. Previous years it took 2-3 weeks and hundreds of dollars in chemicals I really didn't need. I spent 50% less this year with better results." 

Bill S.

 " The staff at this store has been incredible.  Being a new pool owner, I have no idea what I'm doing.  They've taken the time to explain step by step processes, and have been very, very patient with my questions.  They were also very forthright and understanding about prices for repairs, and seemed to genuinely care about the best outcome for the customer.  I'll be going back for all my future repairs and chemical needs.. Thanks! "

Rachael S.

" very friendly service! helped me with a solution for our blow up slide that was eaten by mice over the winter storage."

Kathy K.

 " My pool was opened and it was very green/muddy looking and full of a lot of debris - leaves, pine needles, algae, etc. I've been going to the bigger pool company stores and spending a fortune on chemicals, but I'm never able to get it right. The staff turnover seemed like it was frequent as well with youngsters who really didn't know much at all. I feel like they always just pushed products to make sales. I stumbled upon The Pool Shop store while doing local errands. It is located very close to my home, so I decided to walk in and give it a try. The woman there (I believe she's the owner), really knows her stuff. She stopped me from unnecessarily buying the chemicals I was planning to get after I showed her a picture of what my pool looked like. Instead, she guided me with the right products and walked me through on exactly when to do what. By that same afternoon, my pool went from the yucky and disgusting green state it was in, to blue! I was immediately sold on making The Pool Shop my go to store. I've been back a few more times to ask questions and stock up on chemicals I will need for ongoing maintenance. The customer service is always perfect! I even had them come and vacuum my pool for me to get the debris that had accumulated in there and they took care of scheduling me quickly. Thankfully we now have a great pool shop in town that really cares!!!! I highly recommend them!!! "

Billy S.

" If you are use to pool shopping at large pool stores I high recommend you check out the Pool Shop in Marlboro. Its a breath of fresh air to finally have another pool store offer a very high level of customer service other than the very large ones that offer no customer service and just try to sell you products. I went to one of the large pool stores in the area looking for a part for the filter and the young kid who could care less that I was there, was not only no help because they didn't stock the part I needed, he didn't even ask if I wanted to order it. I walked out disgusted and went to the Pool Shop. The Pool Shop had the part I needed and answered every question I asked them about the filter and heater. I have been back several times and the customer service is always the same, very knowledgeable and professional. After my pool was open and the water was still green the owner of the store personally tested my water and sold me only what I need to clear it up. 2 days later the water was crystal clear. I would highly recommend you check them out and give them the business rather than a pool store that just doesn't care about who the customer is. "

Elizabeth R.

"  We shopped around for a new pool heater. The Pool Shop gave us the best price plus excellent customer service. They helped us figure out which heater to get, and answered all of our questions. Definitely our new pool store! "

Rita A.

" Pleasure to work with knowledgeable people. They really know how to take care of their customers. "

Geraldine T.

" Such a beautiful store! The owner is always friendly and helpful. She always has good selection of pool floats and good prices. "

Samantha T.

" It finally feels good to get your water tested and know that the person is telling you the truth. She has told me to go home & enjoy my pool because my water is perfect! I don't need to buy anything. What pool store in this area does that? No one!!! It's because she is an honest person. And for that reason, my money will be spent there!! "

Cole A.

" Love the service! By far the best in water balancing. My own pool guy referred me to her and I am glad he did. She solved my cloudy water issue in 3 days. "

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